I am Larry Cohen and these are the road bands I traveled with from 1970 till 1981. To me this was a profession not a hobby. I worked 6 years 5 hours a night 6 nights a week 50 weeks a year then took a couple of years off and returned for a few more years.  There were two other bands I toured with during this time but they were temporary for a few months each.

“By Appointment Only” formed in early 1972 and with a few member changes became “Florida”  in 1980.

I went as far East as Cape Cod and Long Island, West as far as Phoenix, North as far as Granby, Que, and South to Puerto Rico.

I played drums local with several bands before and after the road bands and was on call by the local Musicians Union.

The Diamonds Four 1971
The Diamonds 4

1970 – 1972
L-R Fred Bible, Wayne Youngblood,
Chad Jones, Larry Cohen

By Appointment Only
L-R Bob Zide, Cathy Roberts, Valerie Taft, Gary Smith, Skip Leach, Bill Gilg, Larry Cohen
The Florida Band Kona Boat House 1980
L-R Mike McKnight, Larry Meade, Bill Gilg, Scott Johnson, Larry Cohen, Gary Smith, Bob Zide,
Not Pictured
Dave Stambaugh, David Lowery, Jose Perez
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