I Played in the Band

Larry CohenI am Larry Cohen and these are the road bands I traveled with from 1970 till 1981. To me this was a profession not a hobby. I worked 6 years 5 hours a night 6 nights a week 50 weeks a year then took a couple of years off and returned for a few more years.  There were two other bands I toured with during this time but they were temporary for a few months each.

“By Appointment Only” formed in early 1972 and with a few member changes became “Florida”  in 1980.

I went as far East as Cape Cod and Long Island, West as far as Phoenix, North as far as Granby, Que, and South to Puerto Rico.

Playboy approached me to play in the Playmate of the Year  touring show featuring 4 Playmates of the year. During that same time period I was doing studio session work in New York for different writers and producers . I also played drums local with several bands before and after the road bands and was on call by the local Musicians Union.

The Diamonds Four 1971
The Diamonds 4
1970 – 1972
L-R Fred Bible, Wayne Youngblood,
Chad Jones, Larry Cohen
Diamonds 4 history 
By Appointment Only
L-R Bob Zide, Cathy Roberts, Valerie Taft,
Gary Smith, Skip Leach, Bill Gilg, Larry Cohen
BAO history
The Florida Band Kona Boat House 1980
L-R Mike McKnight, Larry Meade, Bill Gilg, Scott Johnson, Larry Cohen, Gary Smith, Bob Zide,
Not Pictured
Dave Stambaugh, David Lowery, Jose Perez
“Florida” history